United Effects is a partnership between two individually owned LLCs designed to produce enterprise level products and services at an affordable small business scale. We provide tools, knowledge and the foundations of technology to advance not just a few, but all of us together.

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We are Dreamers and Builders

Together, theBoEffect LLC and Betz Software LLC, have 30 years of combined experience providing products and services for Software Development, Quality Management, DevOps, Business Strategy and Technology Coaching. Through United Effects, we bring this experience to you. Each opportunity comes with access to our United Effects Platform, a collection of cutting edge, containerized, and fully scalable modules that allow for the rapid development of most web or mobile applications. Want to know more about us? Click here for Bo Motlagh or Chris Betz

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What We Do for You

Application Development

Multiplatform UI and Microservice REST API development.

Cloud Hosting & Services

Consultation on cloud providers. Let us handle it for you.

Growing User Base

Our UE Auth system means users have access to multiple sites, not just yours.

Open Source Modules

We are building our open source library and you are welcome to clone! github.com/unitedeffects

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