United Effects

Connect Your Products & People

United Effects Core EOS is a technology platform that integrates products in a way that empowers people like you to rapidly innovate and build new solutions with lower complexity and costs.

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Common Identity & Permissions

Manage your users and permissions across your products with unmatched simplicity and personalization

Centralized Data Streaming & Queuing

Stream your data everywhere, analyze with visualizations, and monetize through a streaming content marketplace

Powerful UI Controls

Access and fine tune your features and telemetry through a single pane experience with the world’s first Enterprise Operating System

Identity and access should be easy in 2021

That’s why Core EOS provides a robust enterprise user and permission management experience.

Create and represent your customers, organizations, and product access with elegant drop-in UI screens and a hassle-free, pay-as-you-go model.

Stream your data everywhere

Imagine being able to see all of your business data flowing visually in a single pane view and understand where every opportunity for growth and innovation was hiding.

Now imagine crafting subscriptions to those same streams and watching the business flow in.

Meet the Team

50+ years of technical, design, and business leadership in successful enterprise SaaS organizations.

Bo Motlagh, Founder & CEO

Chris Betz, CTO

Jason Koch, SVP IT

Josh Smith, CDO