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Startups creating both B2B and B2C solutions can utilize UE Core to dramatically speed their efforts to implement SSO, Social Login, MFA, B2B customer self-service, customer management, data streaming, and many other features typically reserved for large companies, so they can immediately be competitive and disruptive.

Login, SSO, MFA, & Secured Profiles

Startups in today’s market must offer more than simple login. Core EOS keeps your users and data secure and every security feature is available to you as part of our free tier.

Custom OIDC Login

Customize your OpenID Connect login experience, making it compatible with hundreds of libraries.

Social Logins & Customer SSO

Easily add Social Logins to your product or allow custom SSO federation through self-service customer screens.

MFA & Magic Links

Secure MFA with controls and self-service screens to empower B2C and B2B users. Magic Links so your users can move past passwords.

Secured Profiles

A Core EOS exclusive, put your users in the driver’s seat of their own privacy through an approval workflow for all profile data requests.

Prepare for Rapid Growth

Core EOS can future proof your technology and become a foundational layer supporting and accelerating business growth.

Centralized Permissions

Core EOS lets you centralize some or all of you roles and permissions. Our flexible platform lets you create an integration that scales with your business.

Platform Experience

Platform Experience as a Service gives you white-labeled screens so customers can manage users, SSO configurations, personal accounts, and access and more. It’s YOUR platform.

Platform Play

Growth means new products, increased complexity, and more users. Core EOS keeps up with and empowers your growth. Use it to bootstrap your “Platform Play” overnight.

Streaming Storefront

Data streams connect products, modernize aging system, feed insight generators, and drive revenue streams. Large enterprises spend millions building them but with Core EOS, you won’t. Coming soon in 2022.

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