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The technology you need to make the most of your commercial products.

A solution so your entire team can work together to build products faster

Adding new products to your portfolio is a solid growth strategy. We solve the problem of transforming those disconnected products into a single suite of solutions to which you can quickly add new features, modernize legacy tech, or otherwise innovate, so your product investments act as a business multiplier and not as a drag on growth.

Our culture is grounded in servant leadership

The founding team at United Effects came together with two simple goals: build a place they love to work and build a product that turns the notion of enterprise software on its head. Our culture is grounded in shared values like servant leadership, putting people first, craftsmanship, drive, and taking pride in the knowledge and skills we help our people achieve, even if they take those skills with them one day to pursue new opportunities.

We think that people are more than their roles and assigned tasks, and we ask that our people show up with their whole selves from which to draw inspiration. But we also believe that while our work is a pursuit of passion, it is in support of our broader lives. This balance of dedicated passion and life beyond work is what inspires and drives us to push United Effects and our groundbreaking product, Core EOS, forward with fierce determination and speed.

The Team

Our team and advisors together have 185 years of cumulative experience building globally available SaaS products and platforms.


SaaS technology experts and leaders
Bo Motlagh

Bo Motlagh

Founder & CEO
Jason Koch

Jason Koch

Head of Infrastructure
Josh Smith

Josh Smith

Head of Design


Seasoned executives, innovators, and founders
Lisha Davis

Lisha Davis

Founder, Arable Ventures
Matt Hildenbrand

Matt Hildenbrand

Lohit K Lakshman

Lohit K Lakshman

Executive, Mphasis
John Viglione

John Viglione

Founder, Quantumreg


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