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Meet the Team

50+ years of technical, design, and business leadership in successful enterprise SaaS organizations.

Bo Motlagh

Bo Motlagh

Founder & CEO

For 18+ years Bo has delivered highly scalable, quality, enterprise products. In 2016, he drove the enterprise architectural strategy at Frontline Education, his contribution helping lead to a unicorn acquisition. In 2020, he designed a next generation globally available platform for tax calculation and compliance as Senior Director of Architecture at Vertex, Inc. In founding United Effects, Bo seeks to make the architecture and tools of large enterprises available to everyone while turning on its head the notion that enterprise software can't be intuitive, simple and empowering.


Chris Betz


Chris has spent 18+ years as a core member and CTO of two highly successful startups: Take Care Health Systems and New Ocean Health Solutions. He is the creator of several successful cross-platform mobile apps including All Beer No Gluten, Easy Curb, Gluten Free Philly, and BeerSpec; the latter two having been recognized publicly by Google for their innovation and quality.

Jason Koch

Jason Koch

Head of Infrastructure

Jason has spent 16+ years as a DevOps expert, bridging the gap between product, development, security, and operations to speed the delivery of enterprise software to market and into customer hands. He is an expert in automation and mature, secure, large enterprise infrastructure.

Josh Smith

Head of Design

Josh has spent 20+ years as a design leader, establishing SaaS market presence, product design, and user research for three successful enterprises: Elexio Inc., Frontline Education, and Vertex, Inc. He is an advisory board member of the digital marketing program at George Washington University. He brings a vision of innovative, beautiful, and uniquely designed brand and software solutions to United Effects, following a philosophy that amazing experiences make for successful products.

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